Deathrock Femme

Femme is a young and unmistakable Deathrock/Horrorpunk girl, that is really into "class B" texts and movies and does not doubt on showing her as she really is in every day life.

She works at a goth closing boutique which is also a model (Mundo Aparte) and if that wasn't enough she's starting her biochemistry studies at university. As a hobby she enjoys reading, listening to music and finding new bands, also will learn to play an instrument in order to explore her musical side... obviously has many projects for her young age, but that's really admirable.
The social sircle where she moves are some gothic parties, specifically Requiem and Gothic BA, top places of the Buenos Aires "under" night, where the music goes from "old school" as the gothic rock, darkwave or the postpunk are, till Industrial. And as there are lots of people frequenting this places, Femme admits that the gothic crowd in Buenos Aires isn't as big as in many other places and that she also goes to concerts and massive events as the Zombie Walk is.

For her, people that are intimidated by others shoudn't feel supresed cause life is only one and has to be seized by ignoring others criticism, you have to do what you like, and don't feel ashame of what might other say... you have to encourage.

"...It's noy easy or hard to belong to this social circle, there are no requirements, as sometimes the aesthetic is important and according to the style you follow... (there's people that stalks you and wants your atention just to feel that they are important), care more about your personality and the way you treat people, you can be super fashion but your sympathy and charisma will trasnscend and creat the good vibes and connection between people and you..."

All this is a life style for her, a way of rebellion, it's about trying to be different, "fashion is fleeting... and the aesthetic that forms my personality is inside my other me, who is Femme... as i like to be admired by others you can't be the whole week with the comb and the flashy clothes or with too much make up... everybody sooner or later performs a routine as studing or working. Weekends and holidays are the perfect places to show up all your visual!"

Femme tells us the pros and cons from a social standpoint, many people likes it... and explains that variasmany grown up people told her that they'd like to have been like her (color hair, piercings, tatoos) because they belong to anopther generation where there was more repression... as there are those who don't like it, and discriminate ("sometimes a bus or a cab don't stop, or even when you are looking for job") they look bad, they think you are agresive, or sometimes people from other "social tribes" scoff, but for her it's an everyday thing and no one is better or worse for being one way or another...

Speaking of musical genres, Femme declares thet her main influences are broad, from Deathrock and Punk, to 80's music (influence and upbringing of her mother), going through surf or psychobilly... as well as listening to music of the 20's and 30's. Femme says her ears are allways open to new things.
But music isn't the only thing that defines her style. For her, literature is as important as flms or music, and gives us a vast list of famous films that are ancestors of modern cinema.

"... I am a big fan of Edgar Allan Poe... Baudelaire, Voltaire, Wilde, de Sade, Lovecraft, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury there are a lot... i've got vhs of really freaking class B movies and also of horror (the oldest the bests) cause nowdays all movies are remakes, there's no imagination! and that sucks. I love Karloff or Lugosi movies... i like the silent films! Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davies, Marion Davies, Theda Bara, Gloria Swanson..."

And the list goes on, obviously she's not only stylish, but her aesthetics and ideology are based on classic art and historical films and books.

"... I'm a big fan of Alien Sex Fiend, Bauhaus and Lacrimosa (more modern) well as Misfits! (i really love them!)... i've got lots of influences and that makes my character and personality... from something delicate to something thoug, i like to play being many gils in one ..."

Her motto's are:
"Opportunities are not a result of chance, but rather are a result of hard work"
"My wish is my command (Wilde)"
"Use your imagination, not to scare you, but to inspire you to achieve the unimaginable"

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