Freaking Simple Life (English)

With no other nickname than the ones his parents gave him, Leandro is one of a million examples of under-culture people with a simple life, as we all have... Unless the ones we are not aliens!

He likes music bands as Murderdolls, ASP, Umbra et imago or witching hour. Bands that don't appear on Mtv or Vh1, neither on Much Music. An as he talks about music, talks about people, that isn't the same that was "before" and that he doesn't feel identifyed with the nowdays styles.

"...Years before, lot of under people went to a famous park in capital city, called Bond Street, that nowdays isn't as it was, before at 3 on the afternoon you were able to see people dressed in black and dark-trendy, peaceful and nice people that went there to meet with friends and wait untill night to go dancing, and through the years and for different reasons, people stop meeting at the parky, but did not keep that kind of tradition, now is 7 on the afternoon and there are less than 50 kids less round 15 years old that are "random", (referring to gender ambiguity and differing aesthetic without any compromise in common), and many vagrants asking for money, stealing and disturbing...and that is really annoying..."

While what was "under" is now fashionable (thanks to Twilight, True Blood and many others) and becomes another circus trick, everything is "thrown into the same bag", is the same to be Emo or Gothic, have tattoos or wear a crest ... what is lost is the identity and the rispect for what was unknown or marginalized, radical, to become an item of consumption (and with this i regret the lack of recognition to those who carry an ideology and not a "fashion"). And at the expense of the massification of the genus "under" is that the commercial business became popular and distroy everything that pretends not to be so.

"... people stares at you, mocking, insulting, asking stupid questions justo annoy you and they don't understand and don't know a thing and everything begun some years ago, on those days everything was more "under", people used to stare at you with respect, but what happened? well as there is people with money and wants to appear on Tv, they had the idea of asking anyone about anything, about the culture, about origins... and so a bad informs another, and that bad information appears on Tv reaching thousand of people yand as many don't know about under-styles and mix everything, they go out and start talking shit about people they don't even talk to".
And people has no respect and just treats you as a weird thing just for wearing something they consider unusual, some at least take their time to talk to you in a nice way, usually old people, but nowdays is ridiculous the fake protagonism and distorted that talks as if we were all the same thing"

Among this, he admits that there is competitions and bulling, but he doesn't care abouth them because is useless, and pities for those who don't express themselves beyond prejudices, cause "it is just about trying and not being ashame".

"...I dress like this just because i like it, i grew up listening to death, black, trash metal and punk thanks to my brother. The first time i went to a concert was with him and i was 13 years ols, i remember seeing lot of black-dressed people, full of make up... ¡those sure were good days!... and that's were i went speechless and i thought "i want to get dressed like that!" i mean, i don't have an ideology just to be who i am... i am what you see..."

With single words and thoughts relaxed, he says that does not represent aprticular ideology, only has a passion for music and aesthetics, and pretends to keep working as a freak model while he finished his studies. Later this month he'll have an important photo shoot and several projects for next year.

To meet him you only have to go to Requiem Gothic or the Ghotic BA parties "where the best under music is played", or through his social networks:

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