Ichigo Gal - Outer Beauty

She is known as
Ivi-pon or Ichigo
 (strawberry in japanese), is at the last year of high school and describes herself as "Attractive, funny and crazy".

What defines her is the japanese fashion style named GYARU or just GAL.

Gyaru Coco
"I ended at this style after going through styles such as the gothic, hardcore, dark, visual and the  decora style...
i was at an age where i wanted to change and feel more pretty, and as i always liked the japanese fashions... well, the Gal style accentuates being girly and feminine, to call the attention with a beauty full of make-up"
Hime Gyaru

This fashion, as the mamba and the kogal ganguro looks are... belong to the same style and they divide into many others. The Gyaru style can be divided according to different brands ( such as Gyaru coco who are girls that only wear clothes from the brand coco & lulu, very famous in japan). Then there is Hime gyaru girls, that wear more like a princess style beyond any brand, more delicate, such as the lolita style.
Kogals is the most discreet style of Gal, they are usually young girls who haven't finished school and because of that they aren't aloud to wear lot of make-up, usually don't have much money and can't have their hair dye as they'd like to.


Mambas or Yamambas are very different from gyarus because of their very tanned skin. This style is the complete opposite of the traditional Geishas. As some might have different clothing styles, the main difference is the make-up and the skin tan.

Ganguro girls are like half gyaru and half mamba... the skin tan is lighter than a mamba's.
But this fashion is all about being very sexy and feminine by showing themselves made up and arranged all the time, no matter what gyaru type you belong to!.

But isn't everything cute and happy, cause belonging to a fashion that is from a different country from where you live is always reason enough for jokes and insults of all kinds...
"...I went through too much abuse, because I always liked being different, I was always in different fashions as I said earlier. It's really unbearable not being able to dress like you want!. I know is superficial... but who doesn't like any fashion style?..."

At this age and after going through many styles, Ichigo says she ignores insults and ends up explaining to people what is all about. 
The most common insults she remembers are...

  • "That chinese shit and weird things you like...."
  • "Your friend is a freak...."
And she can't remember others but suares that they were worse than that.

"...It's disturbing how close this society is. Each country has its pros and cons. Fashion isn't the most important thing in life or how much you spend on clothes, but what you are, what you enjoy and what makes you feel good is pretty important and not being able to go out without having to thinking how to avoid those annoying people making fun of you can be really disappointing.... In Japan works differentyou're in your world and nobody bothers you and even the more striking you are the best they see you, because it shows your personality..."
For her, the problem remains because doesn't exist in Argentina that admiration and respect for fashion, and realizes is because of the lack of education.

According to Ichigo...
What are the "basic" things a Gal girl must know about?
  • Make up, one of the most important things! fake nails and contact lenses.
  • The Clothe, being up to date with fashion is essential, but only japanese fashion!
  • Shouldn't ever be ridiculous, has to know what make up and clothes best fits her, what can wear and what can't.
"...If you are a Gal is on your soul, it's not a philosophy and many thought... it's about being extremely feminine, a fashion addict, it's a life style, always beautiful..."
We keep going with the interview and with personal questions, she answers her dream is to travel to japan, but is really hard to find a job she likes, cause she wants to study something related to set design and interior design and find a job according to it.
Her motto is "Live in your own bubble" as a demonstration of doing what you like and what makes you feel good no matter what others say, as well as people should wear and think according to their believes without thinking or bothering others.

Last but not least we ask her to leave us some words of encouragement and adice....

 "...Violence is not the way, problems are solved by talking... follow your life style and fashion, live your life and let other ones live their owns, ignore those who bothers you. Don't waste your time in useless people!..."

If you wanna know more about this popular japanese fashion style, Ichigo recommends this websites!


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