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Neeko is Argentine, his family came from japan, he doesn't eat animal or nothing belongin to them, he works doing tattoo's and he's in favor of the ecology.

These are too many qualities for one single person, anyone would say he's "special" and in fact, he is!...he describes himself as sincere (sometimes too sincere), cheerful and hard-working. He is a tattooist/cook/cartoonist, and has a very interesting story...

"...The vegetarian movement came into my life 7 years ago, i was unprepared and soon returned to an omnivorous diet for immature reasons, i think it was just to "belong to something". Some years later a friend showed me the documentary "EARTHLINGS" and i felt shocked and sad, i spent 2 days as vegetarian and then became vegan, i decided it was all or nothing, and that was the perfect moment for it..."

The main difference between vegetarians and veganism is that the second one is more strict and committed with animal-human-earth freedom, that's why it's said it's a life philosophy.
- no pierde el humor ni siquiera en el trabajo -

"...The tattooes came into my life as a personal challenge, and ex girlfriend teached me the basic things..."

Regarding veganism, he tells that discrimination showed up when going out to lunch with friends. Teasing and discussions were very often, but as years went by they realized that Neeko was very committed to his ideology and that he was better mentally, spiritually and physically. Also they never had a valid basis to complain because they never even tried a vegetarian diet, therefore they speak through ignorance.
"Neeko Tatoo"

"...Regarding tattoos,  discrimination felt worse between family and friends, because they were judging me by my outside and forgetting who i was in my inside, the inside changes are the whorth, you can change better or worse. Those changes take much longer and transcend, the outside deteriorates, it's just a disposable container..."

If that isn't enough, Neeko tells he also suffer discrimination because of his cultural origins...
"...Beause of my japanese face i suffered discrimination on the street, stares and mockery for being different, but through time i realized the cool thing of being different and original, what now days i call "being real", i am what you see and am very happy about it!..."

He explains that the most common prejudices were about "the firts impression": the oriental features, being tattooed, expanders, the clothing... and today his opinion on this attacks is peaceful "...get to know me and then speak...", but if there's something he yet can't understand about humans is their hypocrisy and falsehood. That's something we all tasted at some point and were guilty about without realizing. Human flaws if any! it's very importan to trying to be a better person.
An issue that caught our attention and didn't hesitate to ask Neeko, was the anime, zen and martial fashion for everything related to this ancient culture, that today is a western fashion.
"...My reaction to this fascination was acceptable as it allows to change the steriotype of oriental films that yankee movies sold!..."
That's a positive poin of view, though we don't doubt some oriental people may like (or not) being observed with amazement as if he was about to fly goku style!, or why not, an old granny at the neighborhood flea market mistakes him with an employee... these are daily things.... but there's always good and bad intentions, and we are in a society governed by customs and tags. And that's why prejudices might be difficult to remove.

Today his projects are strongly intended to art, ecology, veganism, activism and respect for Mother Earth.

"...My references or icons could say are my mom and dad (r.i.p) from whom i learned the basis of who i am, they thaught me that:

  • Nobody is better or worse, everyone is equal, just change the interest, dedication and passion for doing things
  • Giving what i have, and not what i have left
  • Fight for what i want and think
  • Always give my best
  • All returns in life

Following these rules is how i try to improve who i am..."

" A heart that beats...FEELS"

"Breathe and Smile, Believe and Shine"

"Every tear shed will be a grenade of freedom"

Neeko (beyond tattos, expansions, black shirts and the japanese face (¿?)).... is at first glance a simple person that creates trust and conveys warmth, clearly someone who can complain about "how hard and cruel life is", but decides to stay positive and show with actions and words how to go through life in order to leave this world in better conditions that it was found.

"...Anyone who has read this interview, thank you for your interest in learning something from me, and if you suffer from discrimination or violence, don't be afraid to speak and ask for help, there's always someone willing to lend a hand, and always, what you do life turns it back to you, and is paid at some point in this life or the next!..."



Av. Rivadavia 6733, Le Boulevard Gallery, Flores Hood, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Monday to Saturday from 11am till 8pm.

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